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‘Disconnect from the internet’

The most interesting conversations between an agent and an author are about the writing process. Or even better, the pre-writing process: that moment when a client asks you “What should I write next? I’m lost!” or says “I have this wonderful idea, I’ve tried, but I’m blocked, I can’t go on, what should I do?”. What we know as ‘writer’s block’ is quite a normal phase most authors go through during the writing process. The most important thing when this happens is not to panic and clear the mind.

In those phases of block, I often tend to recommend our clients not to force themselves to write what they feel they have to write, but try to write, instead, what they really know how to write well. As an example: if an author’s skills are turning real facts into fiction, and he or she enjoys the process of researching into a real character and plot, I recommend to try to find an interesting story and go for it instead of trying to write a total fiction from scratch. Some other tips are more universal: doing some physical exercise (walking, running…) to give the mind and body some fresh air, disconnect from the Internet and distractive inputs and take a break by watching a film, reading a book or listening to some music.