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Jurgen Wolff, author of Your Writing Coach

'When using description, pick out specific, interesting details'

Fiona Mozley, author of Elmet

Mary-Anne Harrington, publisher at Tinder Press

'It’s all about what you do with the small moments'

Lisa McInerney, author of The Glorious Heresies and The Blood Miracles

‘Read widely and without prejudice and have fun with it’

Chris Sykes, author of Complete Creative Writing Course

'Showing happens now, before our eyes, in real time'

Neil Spring, author of The Watchers

'Train yourself to become more observant on a day-to-day basis’

Jurgen Wolff, author of Your Creative Writing Masterclass

'There's the story and there's how you tell the story'

Lucy Luck, agent at C+W