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Sex and Submission Selections Three

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781907761201

Price: £0.81

A selection of five varied erotic short stories.

Andrea and Monique by N Vascoe

Andrea and Monique are best friends, although Andrea has fantasised many times that one day their relationship will turn into something more. When Andrea splits up with her boyfriend, Rene, the girls decide to experiment with a love closer to home and Andrea finds that her fantasies are even better than reality.

The Closest Thing to Heaven by Antonia Adams

Only those in search of the ultimate sensual experience should step over the threshold. Or so says the sign on the door. Demi has her doubts, but soon she realises that her afternoon of pleasure is going to turn out to be a longer lasting sensual experience than she expects!

A Master and a Slave by Mark Steinhardt

In 1883 Russia, youth is fleeting and Anna may be a servant girl Serf to an aristocratic family, but she knows that soon she will be married off to a haggard old man so must take her pleasures where she can.

Ivan, the young master of the house, is a willing pupil when she initiates him into the joys of love making, and both of them will carry the memory of her teachings for all of the hard future ahead.

Counting to Three in French by Bryn Allen

When Kurt first sets eyes on Marie he decides he doesn’t want her: he is an athlete, she is a smoker. But Marie has other ideas. She seduces him and takes him back to her French home. Here he becomes her pet, capable of doing nothing but submitting to the blissful smoke-filled haze of her desires and those of her lust-driven friends.

The Big Bang by Lynn Lake

Joe is tired of being abducted by aliens. He has had enough of being poked, prodded and probed, but this time they want him for an experiment that is a little more interesting.

He is to impregnate a woman who has been designed with his fantasies in mind. Well, what’s a guy to do, except co-operate, although once Joe has done the dirty deed, he discovers he’s set himself up for a little more than he bargained for!

These stories were first published in Sex and Submission 9781905170791