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Childhood Unlimited

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781529395396

Price: £12.99

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– In 2013, Disney released its most egalitarian film to date – but 59% of all the lines in Frozen are spoken by male characters.
– 57% of children’s books published annually have central male characters; just 31% have central female characters.

Raising your child beyond the limitations placed on them by gender is, let’s face it, an uphill battle. If you don’t know where to start, or how to start, you will find inspiration, insight and plenty of practical strategies in Childhood Unlimited. From navigating the gendered constructs that dominate children’s films, television and media generally, to choosing appropriate and stimulating toys beyond the binary divide, this accessible and relatable book will make the whole process much less daunting.

Based on interviews with, and research by, some of the best thought-leaders from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and education, the insights in this book will not only open the eyes of any parent or caregiver, they will inspire you to help your child to look at the world in a critical, creative and empowered way. Free from the restraints of the stereotypes that surround gender, your child has the opportunity to reach their true potential – and this is the book that you need to launch them on that journey.

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If every carer, parent, and teacher read this book and truly applied its principles in educating children, we can end gender discrimination within a generation.
Raising your child free from gender stereotypes seems to be almost impossible, even in 2022! But for those of us who would like give our kids permission to play outside the limits of pink and blue, this ambitious book offers valuable insight. Virginia has combined personal experience and practical advice with academic research and expert interviews to explore the topic from a fresh perspective.
Aileen Barrett, @tindertranslators
At last! A thoughtful, thought-provoking and hugely practical guide for those wishing to fight against gender bombardment, to challenge gender stereotypes, to arm the world [especially the next generation] against the stifling power of age-old beliefs about sex and gender. Not just invaluable how-to and what-next guides, but inspiring discussions about why it matters - for girls, for boys, for trans kids. A wonderful balance between accessible summaries of current research and genuinely useful tips on what to do about it all.
Professor Gina Rippon, author of 'The Gendered Brain'
If you've ever questioned gender reveal parties or the 'pink or blue' divide, Childhood Unlimited is the book you'll want to share with all of your children's friends, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers. Virginia shares critical concepts about the impact of gender stereotypes upon our children's future aspirations and goals (a serious topic, certainly) in a conversational and friendly tone. If you care about gender equality for the next generation, pull up a chair as Virginia takes you on a journey filled with practical tips plus a few laughs.
Catherine Bailey, Founder, 'Think or Blue'